Baby Smooth Lor Zap @ Heng Kee Lor Mee

Today a sis reco me one of the top 10 Lor Mee in singapore. If you all stay Boon Keng area, yiu will know this stall always sibei long queue and is a top favourite among the amigos living in that hood.

Personally, i really feel it deserve to be top 3 at least. Why leh? Not because the auntie call me yan dao, but because the service, the auntie smile and the food sibei up there.

First lets talk about the lor zap. Our professional analyst analised the zap and come out with 3 findings:

1) Very silky smooth like baby skin with no lumps. You know some lor zap the person cook never stir and form jelly lumps machiam haribo.

2) Let the zap rest for 10 mins. Still maintain the consistency.

3) Stir the zap very hard and fast (even more vigorous than the 小人that likes to stir shit in my office), but yet it maintain the consistency and dun turn watery.

Taste wise, mild 5 spice fragrance and mild salty. It is suitable for those who prefer not so 重口味 like BBW.

Another thing to talk about is the fried salty meat. This is like cross-breeding fried pork lard with fried ngioh hiong. Next time u eat ngioh hiong and fried pork lard together, you will get this taste. Surprisingly, though taste oily, but you dun feel oily. Maybe is self-delusional like 70% but fact is, really sibei addictive.

Will cum this stall again and again. Because auntie very friendly, food very nice, price also nice at $3.

Heng Kee Lor Mee

Address: 29 Bendemeer Rd #01-87 330029