Authentic Zi Char @ Ji Xiang Seafood

Met up with my lim jiu kaki. He intro me eat this stall at mountbatten road. He say this zi char damn power and authentic like old school.

Asked the da jie what dish to intro. She say the pork chop rice and the prawn paste chicken wing is the top star. Cannot decide leh so choose 2 at one go la. Total damage $10.


The pork chop is sibei tender. It is so tender that i thought I am eating chicken. I suspicious la so ask her whether order is wrong or not. I order pork leh not chicken, can wake up your idea or not. She told me nabei is pork la. Waa this auntie sibei hot attitude i like. But really is unlike any pork chop i eaten. Cause is so tender and juicy machiam chicken drumstick. And the pieces of pork chop and sour sweet sauce they pour on top of the rice also very generous. Not like some zi char stall the meat give 2 piece and the sauce so little. Machiam is cut off own meat like that. Sibei giam siap. Tender, juicy chops, sweet sour sauce and hot white rice. What can one man ask for? Its like the perfect combi like a good and intelligent women with big best.

The prawn paste chicken wing also very well done la deh. At first i bite and got hot liquid squirt inside my mouth. Wa piang! I thought is hot oil sia. Cause normally outside those chicken wing like just bath in oil come out. But then i realised there is no oily smell leh. The liquid is actually the chicken zap. Wa this is the next level. Can fried chicken wing till no oil. But crispy. And got alot zap. I tink can beat any restaurant outside.

Here definitely can eat la. Will come again try the other dishes. But then price can be abit steep. They have other dishes which are very nice too. In fact all their dishes bagus sedap.

Ps. If u order more and got more people. The auntie will special service for u…… Fruits la! Wat u tinking hamsuplou.


Ji Xiang Seafood

Address: Blk 21 Old Airport Rd
Operating hrs: 3pm to 11pm everyday