Authentic Wanton Mee @ Wanton Noodle House Simpang Bedok

There is a HIDDEN TREASURE in Simpang Bedok. Really one of the TOK GONG 古早味 Wanton Mee. The type that your Ah Gong Ah Ma used to eat sitting on a bench by the roadside.


This is one of the rare few wanton mee stalls that still uses EGG NOODLES. The noodles is very Q, creating a slight resistance when you bite the noodles and has an egg aroma akin to those of egg sheets used for peking duck. Noodles is tossed in a mixture of Sambal Hiam Jio and Orh Tau You. Wat makes the sambal different is the geberous amount of shallots used. Eating the noodles with the sauce floods your mouth with an overwhelming UMAMI taste.


Charsiew and wanton are made from PORK COLLAR and comes in generous servings. The 马蹄 chunks in the wanton adds a delicious crunch and slight sweet taste to the meat. The charsiew is CARAMALISED EVERY INCH and is roasted perfectly that it still retains its ZAP and TENDERNESS.


The other notable mention is their 凤爪面. The claw is cooked hours till all left helding onto the bone is a thin layer of COLLAGEN and SKIN. The skin simply slides off when i hold it with my chopstick and MELTS in our mouth instantly.


Apart from noodles, they also specialised on local delights like NGOH HIONG. It is exteriorly CRISPY and interiorly JUICY. You will realise that the beancurd skin of the Ngoh Hiong is different from the other Ngioh Hiongs you have eaten. The fragrance of the bean skin is the first thing you will taste upon its contact in your mouth. Followed by the well marinated pork filling marinated with the 五香粉.


Another thing to rave about is the fried carrot cake. The amount of egg is GENEROUS and fried till a crisp. The carrot cake are self-made with FRESH WHITE RADISH and is soft and flavourful. Each piece really packs a punch.


Will definitely come again. Delicious food, authentic to taste and AFFORDABLE. And service is prompt and servers are duper friendly.


Wanton Noodles House

Address: 312 Bedok Road, Simpang Bedok S469475

Operating hours : 930am to 9pm daily