Authentic Chicken Rice @ Aspirasi Seah Im

Today reco u guys another stall at Seah Im Food Centre. This time is a famous halal stall. So my Ah Bangs and Kakaks can hold hands and rejoice.

First look is super long queue. But then is very fast machiam fast food KFC. Only need wait ard 5mins and is my turn. Ordered their signature Sambal Nasi Ayam ($4 nia, sibei cheap!)


Looks very colorful like a geographic map. Got green, white, red. Even haven eat see liao your salivate auto drip like xenomorph. The exterior of the chicken has a tumeric fragrance like those nasi lemak fish but not too salty. Jab the chicken with your fork and the juice flow out. Sambal is more to the sweet side but still can taste the distinct anchovy and onion sweetness within.

Rice is also cooked soft and entrapped the full essence of the chicken. The fragrance really can fight with boon tong kee.

Overall is a decent plate of nasi ayam and dont forget to put lots of crispy fritters (free flow some more). Trust me, these little crispy fellows will bring the enjoyment of your food to the next level. They are basically the physical embodiment of the tumeric fragrance you taste from the exterior of the crispy chicken.


Address: 2 Seah Im Road S099114

Operating hrs: 10am to 10pm mon to sun (unconfirmed)


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