Atas yet Affordable Italian Cuisine @ PocoLoco

PocoLoco - Steak with Foie Gras

If you are siao for some affordable italian food cuisine and also a jiu gui, you are born to come this place.


Location is a bit ulu but once you know is at level 2 of Snow City, becomes bulu liao. The layout of the restaurant is spacious with a open sky balcony. So romantic ar, can bring Daisy on a date, cheap cheap but look atas.


Ordered their signature Capesante (baked scallop with capsicum puree & flavoured butter), Morzerella (carozza golden crusted mozerella in toasted bread), Pescatora (mixed seafood w capers, black olive garlic in light tomato sauce), Canneloni Ripiene de Angelo (large tube green pasta filled w minced lamb in white bechamel sauce) and the final boss, Filleto di Manzo w Foie Gras (beef tenderloin w foie gras in rossini sauce).

The big scallop is rubbed with flavoured butter, coated in capsicum puree and then immersed in a sea of mozerella cheese before being baked. The product is perfection like adam and eve. It has a chessy, crusty, slight toasted surface. Break the crust and you will be welcomed with the sweet fragrance of capsicum. The capsicum is so natural sweet and it works really well in enhancing the umami flavour of the scallop like 天衣无缝. Big, juicy and sweet scallop you hardly get get outside at such a price.

Many times we watch Pizza Hut commercial they pull the pizza slice got cheese string one but when we pull ourself become G-string. But this dish 100% prove that it is real and possible. Bite the crispy bread toast and pull. Strings and strings of chewy cheese machiam marshmellow will stream out of the toast continuously like netflix. Pizzahut pls take note.

This is a plate of western hokkien mee. Except instead of pork lad fragrance, this is healthier with black olive fragrance. Even before you eat, the smell already enough to make you salivate and digestive juice go haywire like mrt software issue. Seafood is generous and fresh and sweet. Noodled also QQ and firm but not hard. Best to boot with a faint sweetish tomato sauce.


If you love lagsania. You will hug this like your chou chou. This is on many level similar to lagsania except the pastry is thinner, softer and got spinach fragrance. The mutton bak chor also braised till eat into flavour. So much that the pastry also got mutton tastes. The creamy sauce also got a slight hint of mint flavour.


Filleto di Manzo w Foie Gras aka Big Boss 
Foie gras and beef tenderloin, bringing the best ultimates together. The chewy, lean tenderloin compliements the soft-like-butter oily foie gras and vice versa. How to eat? Cut the foie gras on top first, to let the oil seep into the beef below. Let it rest for 5 mins, so the oil will fuse with the meat to create a texture similar to marbled beef. Thats the whole idea, if you can tahan. Most people will just wack everything like hurrican katrina. The rossini sauce also adds a sweet and sour berry flavour to the meat so wont jerlak. Sinful yes, but who cares?


Their beers are the best I had. Got their special seaweed brewed beer, had to try this!

Overall a nice place to chill and enjoy abit of atasness for an affordable price. (Per pax around $10+ to $20+)


Address: 21 Jurong Town Hall Rd, Snow City level 2 609433.
Operating hrs: 12pm to 3pm and 6pm to 11pm