All Time Durian Favourite @ The Durian Story

If you are durian lover. Should 1 life come here more than once. This place is a heaven for durian and you can taste all types of frsh durian here.

Some of their Ang Pais:

D13 – Put in mouth, melt and become watery. Sweet all the way with a little hint of bitterness. No after-taste and overall a smooth consistency in my mouth. Its machiam u put butter in ur mouth and let it melt slowly. For those who hate bitter durian and like a sweet clear taste, can take this.

XO – First mouth sibei bitter. Then slowly, as the meat melt into a silky form, the brandy flavour inside unlock. The whole process is so seductive machiam some sexy lady undressing into her swimwear. Once the bitter brandy flavour exudes from the flesh within, there comes a sharp piercing sweetness. Finally leaving a spicy xo after-taste.

Cat Mountain King – this has the best texture. Its machiam a giant cavier. There is a thin microfilm surrounding the succulent meat. One bite and the film burst, releasing the sweet and creamy meat within. It has a balance mix of sweet and bitter. Its really like eating durian penyat but more natural.

Jing Feng – Meat is thick, sweet and creamy like foe grass. There is a slight bitter aftertaste but not that much. Just like that demure and sweet girl you have been chasing but turn out she is married. That sweet bitter memory.

King of king – unless u are lion king, no one will self proclaim king. But this really deserve the title. The meat comes in huge chunk that a typical durain meat looks like Frodo beside it. It is also super creamy and thick with a power-packed alcohol infused flavour. The brandy taste is more power than the XO. I am sure u eat liao better dun drive cause sure mabok become bapok. Leaves a trail of burning sensation down ur throat too. For those like lim jiu, u have to take this.

D100 – This is a watered down version of Jing Feng. With sweetness level halved and make up with bitterness. Meat has a malleable texture and the moment it reaches your mouth, becomes liquified. No alcoholy aftertaste and perfect for those below 18, not driving and dun rape people after drunk.

D17 – This is like the offspring of durian and bitter gourd. It had a curdy texture like cheese curd and leaves a slight alcohol aftertaste. Perfect for hardcore durian lovers. Softcore pixel lovers can go to mars.


This place totally owns. Durian lovers maitu liao fast hand fast leg come here. Durian sold off no more cause boss wan to keep it fresh. So limited only!


The Durian Story

Address: Serangoon North Avenue 2, Blk 151, #01-11 S(550151)