Affordable yet SHIOK Rice Bowl @ Ang Mo Food

Recently a kaki from NASA discovered a new star in the Solar System and it is shinning brightly in Ang Mo Kio. So mai tu liao, teleport to the location using the Ah Beng Teleporter ($20).

This stall specialized in mating Ang Mo food with Japanese food, resulting in a superior offspring which carries desirable traits that cures anorexia. Its machiam like Johnny Depp had a child with Maria Ozawa.

Ordered their Signature Rice Bowls which comes with Ribeye Steak ($6.90), Salmon ($6.90) or Chicken Chop ($4.90). Really pattern more than badminton but definitely instagram worthy as well.


Presentation is a visual orgasmic experience like watching Avatar in 3D. Expecially when you ka chiau the onsen egg and watch in glee as the yolk enveloped the raisin butter rice beneath like the last climatic scene of Pompeii.


Beef Rice Bowl – Generous serving of Ribeye Steak makes you wonder how they make money ar? Though its normal ribeye, the texture is close to waygu as the cow had been massaged to the point that it will semi-melt the moment you placed it in your mouth. As it melts like butter on hotpan in your mouth, the juice flows out from the meat. It has a slight buttery fragrance. Tag-team with the Secret Brown sauce (taste like smoked bbq sauce with a slight citrus flavour) which is lightly glazed on the beef, the flavours got amplified like Slardar’s amplified damage.


Salmon Rice Bowl – Salmon is pan-seared perfectly with the fats beneath the skin melted into the meat and skin crispy like keropok. Meat is firm, sweet and oily with minimum mercury taste. Pairs well with the Secret Brown sauce as it adds a diversity to the overall taste of this dish.


Chicken Chop Rice Bowl – Every DNA strand of the meat is marinated till the meat becomes the marinate itself. The flavour of the honey, BBQ sauce, herbs, thyme is strong. We all have encountered chicken chops that loses its chicken identity and turn into a mass of sweet-flavoured meat. But not this one. Though the flavour is overwhelming, surprisingly you can still taste the natural chicken flavour. Meat is tender, warm and juicy. Skin is slight seared and the meat has a flame-grilled fragrance to it as well.

Overall a very enjoyable experience. This is the first time i experience western food in such an innovative style. But still, the quality of food is maintained. Do be prepared to fight hordes of office zombies when u head for lunch. But given its fast service, you’ll be served paradise in no time.


Ps. Gonna try their tuscan fries with honey mayo. Confirm chop you wont regret.



Address: 446 Ang Mo Kio Ave 10 S560446

Operating hrs: 12pm to 9pm (close alternate Mons)



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