Add me to your Buffet List @ Beach Road Kitchen

Tonight is the big day for many poor people like us. It is the day when we peasants instant level up to become multi-millionaires with dignity. And the day your fantasies of screw-driving your nasty boss materialized. If I ever win, I tell you. I will blanja all my 27k plus followers to this atas restaurant that serves one of the best grilled meat with a posh interior to boot.

This restaurant serves international cruisine with the balanced skewered towards the italian side. They even have their own pizza oven. Not those you buy from Courts but those big-ass kind. Seafood is fresh, other dishes made on the spot and refilled at inhuman efficiency and precision. Not like those outside you wait the crab till spongbob comes back but crab haven come. That is really crap.

They grill the meat over charcoal right in front of your eyes too. So prepare your camera to capture such galore. Meat is juicy and has that smokey flavour as well.

For seafood lovers, they even have a coldroom which showcases the various shellfish machiam art pieces in The Louvre.

Damage is around $60++ for lunch but for that is worth it because food is really up there. Ambience is great also. Like those kind go in 2 person come out 3 person kind of romantic.

Ps: Pray me strike toto la. Then i blanja all u go ok?


Beach Road Kitchen

Address: 30 Beach Road 189763
Operating hrs: 6am to 10pm