Catch some Fresh Seafood in Thai-Chinatown @ Yaowarat Seafood 

Lai lai today Ah Beng reco you a hidden gem tuck away along the eateries at Teck Chye Terrace. This place is a seafood cum thai food paradise man. All seafood and thai food lover, before u go meet Jesus, Buddha or Chuck Norris, better come here I tell u. If not, u surely will regret like no tomorrow.
Place is easy to locate and got open space carpark behind. Shop design also got the Thailand Chinatown feel. Machiam really at Yaowarat, can save ur Scoot ticket.
Ordered some of their specialties as recommended:

Fresh Oyster 

Tell u man. This really no joke. The biggest and fattest BBW oyster I had. Fat and juicy at the right places just like how ur daddy likes it and is super fresh. Explodes in your mouth like NDP fireworks and immediately the umami will overwhelm your taste buds leading to your tongue convulsing uncontrollably due to the shiokness overload. Very sweet and clear taste with 0% frozen odor. Tbh, really put high-end restaurants to shame.


Garlic Fried Pork Belly

Put this in our mouth and chew for 5 seconds and you will realise the pork has vanished. This is no Criss Angel magic but simply because the meat melted and disintegrated in your mouth. The meat and fat has fused into one like Piccolo and Kami. The exterior is fried to crisp and has strong fermented beancurd fragrance with a slight tint of garlicky taste. The meat/fat also retains much of its moisture and juiciness.


Pork Satay

This is a little squirter. Packed full of juicy and so well marinated with honey that every bite is a step closer to heaven. The pork is grilled over charcoal and has the smokey flavour but yet is very juicy and wet. If u have a sweet tooth, this will meet ur craving.


Tom Yum Seafood Claypot

The king is here ladies and gentlemen. The amount of seafood in this pot is enough to cause partial atlantic extinction. Nonetheless, the tom yum soup is enriched with the richness and sweetness of the seafood that it became a unique flavour of its own. First mouth, sweet and slight sourness. Then followed by a creamy taste machiam like clam chowder feel but less thick. The soup consistency is also smooth and not siap siap like typical tom yum soup. The seafood in it also further elevate the richness flavour of the soup. Fresh and juicy seafood swimming in a bubbling hot pot, even vegetarian also shout “tabulek tahan”!


Overall a very satisfying and enjoyable meal. Notable mentions are the grilled sotong and thai steam seabass. Both hold themselves well against the signature dish as well. Will definitely come again at least once a week cause suspect food got herione eat liao go back 1 hr later suddenly gian again.


Ps. Try their black glutionous rice ice-cream dessert. Its really unqiue and really very nice. Dun believe u eat and tell me


Yaowarat Seafood

Address: 27 Teck Chye Terrace S545729

Operating hr : mon to fri 5pm to 12am. Sat and sun 12pm to 1230am


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