Hainanese Curry Rice in Maxwell

Yesterday jalan jalan maxwell food centre actually want to eat the tian tian chicken rice one. But my fellow power rangers kaki waiting for me to morph so bo bian go find shorter queue. Saw this china street curry rice machiam beh pai. But dun need worry cause is hainanese style and not ah tiong style with man tou.

Very efficient workflow i tell u. One uncle scoop rice, another uncle chop meat and one auntie taking order and collect money. So all go in one smooth flow motion and u will get ur food in 5 secs. Even faster than macdonalds. Ordered their pork chop, braised pork and cabbage. This is signature dishes to go with your curry rice even though they have many other variety also.



The cabbage is damn soft that it actually melts in ur mouth machiam like those paper thingy in the big white rabbit milk sweet. Then once it melt, the zap locked inside will be released. Very vegetable natural sweetness and the hae bee fragrance. The pork chop also well marinated that the whole meat got this sweet honey taste but mix in the chinese 5 spice fragrance. Braised pork wise is kinda normal in taste but texture is tender and juicy.

The amount of curry and lor zap they drenched is also very generous till every grain of the rice is covered in a glistening yellowish brown color. Not too spicy and salty but have mild masala curry powder fragrance and slight coconut milk flavour. The lor zap is abit salty but combined with the curry is a good match.

Overall nt bad. If have craving for curry bin can come again and dun need wait so long.

Ps. Come during lunch hrs got alot of OLs to see. Mouth eat, eye also need to eat.


Address: 1 Kadayanallur St S069184
Operating hrs: sat to thur 1130am to 730pm