Sedap Bagus Nasi Padang @ Pu3

Today sibei happy day. Finally can pak tor with my 3rd gf. She is malay so need go eat halal food bo bian. She reco me this Pu3 restaurant near her workplace. Dun cheena cheena like me pronounce as P.U.3. It is called putri and in malay is princess. Wah beh pai, i tell her so coincidence i bring my putri go eat putri restaurant. Haha sweet mouth eh, guys must learn ar if not sure become monk.


See the restaurant machiam atas. Walao pocket sure one hole la. Cause need pay for gf also ma. Only real man pay for gf one leh, my ah gong says one. No wonder he die no penny.

See the selection like beh pai leh. Alot never see before at outside nasi padang store, sibei authentic.
Ordered the curry vege, sambal goreng and the stingray. Then my gf order about the same la but she order the mudskipper. Plus drink total damage $13.50. Walao! Sibei cheap. And the portion alot. The curry vege, vege cook till super soft, machiam like those soft soft potato. The gravy also best. Infused with fragrance of the coconut milk. The owner say they use fresh grind coconut, not those loser packet coconut in ntuc. So the flavour very distinct and eat liao wont jer lak. The samabal goreng also another well done. Sambal is not too sweet and dun have those artificial packet kind buy from ntuc sugary taste. This is real authentic hand grinded chilli paste with fresh ikan bilis and onions. The owner always emphasized on fresh and authentic ingredient, not lazy relac relac buy from ntuc like chinese.


The main star is the stingray. Walao. Sibei power the zap. Its a asam pedas zap. Not too sour machiam burn ur stomach and has a peppery flavour. The owner say put black pepper to make it more spicy and shiok. I continue to drink n drink the zap. Too shiok. The shiokness cannot explain but u need to feel urself. The stingray also sibei fresh. Not like those ntuc fridge smell. The meat can pull out one strand one strand machiam the cuttle fish. Means only fresh will be like this. If not will all nua tgt. My gf mudskipper also nice. But got abit mud smell la. Aiyo deh, mudskipper no mud smell then is not mud skipper. Like ah neh no ah neh smell then is not ah neh.
If u wan one of the best nasi padang in singapore and bring ur princess here, then come pu3.



Address: 51 Bencoolen St #01-06 S189630

Operating hrs: mon to fri 10am to 9pm, sat 11am to 4pm and 530pm to 9pm. Sun close.