The XXL Ribeye Steak Dream @ Chops Grill & Sides

Calling all meat-lovers! This post will definitely make you scream till steam. If you wan a place to wack meat, come here for some XXL size Ribeye steak!


Located at FOMO, this place is a little food paradise. Looks like mini foodcourt but not your typical kopitiam with so many noisy cocks. Very serene, peaceful and comfy like having your meal in Himalayas. This stall serves one of the most extensive and freshest side dishes you will ever get. All vegs machiam just grown and harvested from backyard. Crunchy, juicy and how it should be. Got to try their special sweet tomato salad. This the bomb man! Imagine sweet tomato with no smelly-green taste. People who hate tomato will learn to love it.


ChopS! Angus OP Ribeye Steak platter $89.90 (good for 2-4 pax) – As the name suggest, this is super OP-God tier-Tank-in Shopping-Mall. Once you had this, all the other steaks will become like plain porridge to you. The 1.1kg, 150 days grain fed angus is marinated till machiam the meat become smoked. And also, as it is pre-prepared Sous Vide style, this seals all the meat juice and flavour and rewrites the genetic code of the meat entirely. Every bite into the meat is just oozing so much flavour and zap. The giganto is then panseared with thyme, butter and garlic. With the chef occasionally scooping the sauce (melted butter, melted fats from steak, zap from steak) and rinsing over the steak as he cooks. This creates a seared and crispy surface with the sauce eating into the meat.


Bite into the steak medium style, first will taste the slight charred chao tao fragrance of the surface. Then your teeth will hit the tender and slight-playfully resistance meat. All the time with zap oozing uncontrollably under the slightlest pressure applied. You will also taste the fragrance of thyme and garlic with every bite. Surprisingly, this taste so good that I can finish the 1.1kg by myself and dun feel sick of it.



The platter also comes with delicious and decent portion of sides like:

Pepper Pilaf Rice
Cucumber Penne Salad
Sweet Potato Fries

Good for 2-4 people

So, for all meat-lovers, really maitu liao. At the rate the number of steaks served at this stall, cow going to be extinct soon. So fast hand fast leg come ar.


Ps: They have another outlet at Ang Mo Kio

727 Ang Mo Kio Ave 6 Broadway Coffeeshop.

Address: ChopS! @ FOMO 38 Sultan Gate S198486

Operating hrs: 1130am to 10pm for both outlets

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