Real Thai Thai Power Green Curry @ Chaiyothai Newton Food Centre

Today my fren reco an affordable yet sedap thai food stall in Newton. He say the Thai Green Curry here can say is the best in Singapore as most outside ones are cmi, cim. But newton leh, is known for alot roberts and carrot chopper. But he assured me. So half believe half suspect go lor.

Can see why this stall popular. Cause price really affordable and also is the only thai stall here. The other stalls all repeated and sama sama machiam NDP like tat. Got 6 zi char la stall, 5 chicken wing stall la. Go there really much dejavu feels as signboard they use also same till lame.

Ordered their Signature Thai Green Curry, their Pineapple Fried Rice, Tom Yum Fried Rice.


The Pineapple Fried Rice should be called Fried Rice Pineapple. Cause they fried till each grain of rice transform into pineapple. The amazing thing is it is not overly sweet and you can still taste the wok hei fragrance. But at the same time the pineapple juice already fused with the rice grains till every piece is yellow in color. The seafood is also fresh and topped with cashew nuts and pork floss really make this dish so appetising and taste diversified.

The Tom Yum Fried Rice, same story as the Pineapple one and its really spicy. What makes me so impressed and respect this stall is they do fried rice a right justice. As the rice is suppose to capture and seal the taste and essence of the ingredients and become one with it. There is alot of consideration and balance required. The rice while it absorbed the flavour through strong fire and wok hei, cannot turn out too dried out. And to do that need high amount of stats points, experience and a strong right pcc hand to toss the wok vigourously. Each grain still retains its moisture and firmness.

Next is the boss. The winning hand, the ace. This green thai curry uses a chicken stock ase broth which is made from scratch. It is so naturally sweet and it is only enhanced further with the onions and carrots added into it. It is creamy and thick, but not jerlat. There is lemongrass fragrance but nt too overwhelming. This is the pure embodiment of happiness in physical edible form. You eat this, u no eat other green curry. The chicken bits are really generous too and it can be a filling meal with a rice top up the last till supper.


This is really the best pineapple fried rice and green curry i ever eaten in my sweet 18 yr of living.



Address: Chaiyothai Mookata Newton Circus Food Centre #01-51 S229495

Operating hrs: 1pm to 1130pm