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Beauty World - Chicken Rice

Today need bring lao bu go tcm at beauty world. Lao bu ask me eat wat i say go eat mutton soup lor since her body not good. She say i better dun CB. Ok lor she win.

Walk around see see ai jiak simi. Saw this chicken rice stall gt chio bu in sports singlet queuing. Walao, not bad leh this chick, who cares about chicken rice. See see enjoy enjoy duno time pass is my turn liao. Walao from mt fuji view to mt fungi view. The old auntie ask me ai jiak simi. Bo bian lor, tell her normal chicken rice lor. $3. Walao! I got a shocked! I told her, eh auntie i order normal chicken rice, not 1/4 chicken with rice leh. She say ya la chicken rice normal, wats the problem. Walao fierce, ok she give me more maybe because i yandao la.

But no leh! Nabei, i see everyone plate also damn alot chicken. This stall damn generous. Normal chicken rice portion like 1/4 chicken. Maybe their 1/4 chicken is 1/2 chicken and 1/2 chicken is 1 chicken and 1 chicken is 2 chicken?! Dun say the portion, the chicken meat is damn tender. I tot chop till damn big chunk sure rough, but no leh. The chicken damn tender springy like spring chicken. The chicken also braised till the taste gao gao. Very sweet with the 5 spice fragrance. This is probably the best oil chicken i eaten. Each bite, the juice just flow out from the spaces between the meat. Machiam u bite and the chicken scared and sweat. But the sweat is the sweet sweet zap.

Auntie told me each chicken avg braised for 3 hours in slow heat and let all the essence absorb into the meat. No wonder la! Chicken so nice till attract alot of chicks.

Overall good food and value for money. I wan to thank this unknown chio bu. If not for her i wont eat this stall and discover this gem. If anyone knw this chio bu based on her back pls provide me her number and home address. Kam xia.

Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Noodle Rice
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