Sedap & Murah Nasi Padang at your workplace @ Tung Ann

Today sibei lamnua dun feel like walking far for lunch, so just go below my office. Wa sibei crowded leh, alot of malay despatch uncle smoking relac one corner there.

Saw this stall long queue and machiam beh pai. So give it a try lor. Cause in front got some International sch girls quite chio heh heh. My turn and the kak kak ask me ai jiak simi? Walao can speak hokkien sia. Tats y tell u dun scold malay in hokkien cause they understand hor. I know alot of u like to scold huang kia dee, later kana wack.

Ordered the beef rendang and the curry veg $4.80. Nabei! Damn ex. But lucky cause the portion quite alot also. Ok tell u man, this is one of the top 3 beef rendang i eaten. Super soft sia, i use plastic spoon also can cut. Cause they use the beef brisket to make one and cook till gao gao, thats why the texture so soft and got the gel gel cause the collagen alot. The rendang also super authentic use grinded coconut and nt those noob ntuc cocknut milk. The auntie say she only buy fresh grinded coconut. Tats y so fragrant.

The curry veg also. The curry is damn thick with the coconut taste. Its like drinking spicy version of fresh coconut milk. The taste of coconut is just so strong. Machiam the curry cover the rice is straight away nasi lemak rice liao. The veg also cook till soft soft nua.

Will definitely come again. Best if i find out the time table of the international sch student so can eat together n see zar bor.

Tung Ann Association Building

141 Cecil Street
Singapore 069541