Chicken Steammm @ Ming Kee Chicken Rice

Today went bishan do some cpf thing. Pak tor yao then remember got one bro reco this chicken rice stall at the kim sa ling food court. Walao is the one got micky mouse one ar? But that is history liao la, who no history? Must give chance ma.

Queue is not long leh. Really nice or nt? Ordered the drum stick rice, damage $4. Wah quite cheap leh for drumstick. See the chicken i steam liao, cause the skin look so smooth and meat so tender, machiam sweet 18 dancing queen. Mai tu liao, dip one meat in chilli sauce and pop in mouth. Brain freeze! Wa piang the chicken meat cold sia. But wait.. after the cold sensation comes the sweet, salty flavour of the soya sauce, and mild fragrance of the sesame oil joins in the fun too. Then slowly and gradually u will feel the tangling spiciness in your tongue. The chili is also blended with chicken fats to create a punch. The coldness actually creates a surprisingly refreshing sensation machiam like after u brush ur teeth with colgate the feeling. It also amplifies the flavour of the tender and juicy chicken meat and the flavourful zap. Rice is fragrant too but abit dry. But lucky got the zap so if u pour the zap inside will be fine.5

After eating then realise got one long queue. Super heng sia beat the lunch crowd. Hot weather eat cold chicken is damn shiok.

Ps. If u like eat cold cucumber, the cucumber is also subzero temperature like chicken. So dip in the zap and eat shiok.


Ming Kee Chicken Rice

Address: 511 Bishan St 13 S570511
Operating hrs: 930am to 730pm everyday except tues