Old Name Old Brand Ban Mian @ Qiu Lian

Today I found a sibei solid ban mian. This has got to be the best ban mian so far I have eaten. I used to see food cock no up, but this stall surprises me. This gem is located at the food court of City Square Mall or aka Ah Neh Mall. Let me tell you why this stall deserves the title of champion.

Firstly is the name. Qiu Lian ban mian. Name will remind you of first love in autumn. Lucky not called Ah Lian ban mian, cause bad experience with Ah Lians, not many tong sim one. Secondly,the noodle is hand-rolled and cut in front of your eyes. So is sibei fresh and authentic. Not like outside take from supplier one. Noodle is smooth and chewy. If not careful, will slip down your throat. Noodle no flour taste and powdery texture, instead got the egg smell machiam wanton mee.

Thirdly, the soup is not MSG infused. It is boiled from pork bones and ikan bilis. So it is sweet and got the ikan bilis fragrance. Every mouthful is bursting with flavour as the ikan bilis dance in your mouth that your hand will auto scoop and never stop. I need to use my other hand to stop. Cause if not will drink all the soup and left the noodle.

Lastly, the bak chor. This is the element that defines a good bowl of ban mian. Marinated in hua diao wine and pepper, the meat is so tender and fragrant with pork lard (but not fatty, that is the miracle). Its like eating pork satay but minus the grilled aspect. Every bite, you can see the life story of the pig.

If you want one of the best ban mian, come Qiu Lian. If you want decent portion that wont hurt your wallet, come Qiu Lian. If you not gay, come Qiu Lian.


Qiu Lian Ban Mian (City Square Mall)

Address: 180 Kitchener Rd City Square Mall Level 4 S208539

Operating hrs: 11am to 930pm

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