Yong Tau Foo (YTF) that makes your WTF @ Lai Yi Wan

Today reco you one solid, original taste Yong Tau Foo. The stall name is called Lai Yi Wan 来一碗. Meaning in chinese called Come one bowl. Lucky not called Lai Yi Pao 来一炮, cum one cannon. Jokin ar.

The YTF ingredient here all handmade on the spot. Fish meat beaten by the gungho uncle that go piak piak piak. So guys, doesnt only mean you need to be single to have a strong right hand. The paste is different from outside cause u actually can taste bits of the fish meat. Not like those mainly flour.

The noodle is sibei Q. Careful because it will fight with your tongue. So springy but yet soft at the same time. The zap is some sort of ginger meat sauce which they used to boil together with the bak chor. This zap u dun really taste outside and it gives a surprisingly refreshing taste to the otherwise quite jerlak dish. The bak chor also sibei guk, tender and juicy machiam kurobuta pork. Chili also very spicy so eat this on Sun sure Mon go see Dr Chee.

Overall a very satisfying meal. So much ingredient at only $4. Where to find sia.



Lai Yi Wan 来一碗

Address: Blk 261 Serangoon Central #01-15 S550261
Operating hr: 9am to 930pm