Fat Smooth Juicy Chicken @ Qi Le

Yishun is known as the hometown of Shemale Kurt Tay and also alot Siao Lang. But for people who siao chicken rice, there is one hidden gem just located next to the MRT.

This place you can go if you want a super value upsized meal. The meat portion is huge and they give you one big bowl of soup enough to share among 4 pax.

The rice is not too oily not too dry. Just a balance between Happy Pola and Mo Xiao Ling. Firm to bite and infused with every zap of the chicken. Eating the rice, you will feel like you are eating the chicken.

The chili is also Oolala. Spicy level mid tier with the strong fragrance of grinded ginger and chicken oil. Those who like spicy can wack till MC.

The chicken is also God tier. Silk smooth skin just like after go Spa and chicken not too fat. Skin also no pores and is almost collegenish chewy. Still retain chicken flavour and not like those outside blend. Chicken flavour is the meat sweet kind of taste that u only will find in true authentic hainanese chicken rice stall. Top with fried garlic, add a crunch to it.

Will come again. Near mrt nia leh. U see, Yishun alot good things also. Not always about siao lang.

Qi Le Chicken Rice

Address: 744 Yishun St 72 S760744 S11 Kopitiam next to MRT

Opening hrs: 11am to 930pm