Thai Food Paradise at West @ Kin Kin Thai

If you journey to the west and duno ai jiak simi. Then come here for one of the best thai food cuisine. This hidden gem is machiam a recently unlocked secret character in Injustice 2. New to the world but extremely powerful.

Sibei convenient also as only 5 mins walk from Jurong East MRT and even sheltered all the way! Just less red carpet and pom pom girls nia. Small eatery but give you a very homely feel. First step inside I even mistaken is my home.

Ordered their specialties: Prawn Cakes ($12), Thai Laksa ($6), Steamed Seabass with Chilli & Lime ($22) and Tom Yum Omelette ($5).

Prawn cake ($12)- Deep-fried with nice golden- brown exterior machiam Fried Donut. You scratch the skin got karak karak sound some more. First bite, zap flow out like you bite into xiao long bao. Tbh the zap more than xiao long bao. And the zap is prawn zap. So is beri sweet beri umani ar. Chewy prawns in chunky bites. They make sure you get 90/10 ratio as you know outside is selling flour cake. Dipping sauce is standard sweet thai chilli but got cucumber. So add on a refreshing feel to it machiam biting water chestnut.

Seabass in Chilli & Lime ($22) – 1 big seabass in pipping bubbling hot sauce. Just by looking at it is enough to make you salivate. The zap is power! First mouth, sourness n spiciness piercing your tongue like kana spear in WWE. Then suddenly, the burning sensation clear like illegal bookie run from mata and you taste sweetness with a hint of lemongrass fragrance. Dun misunderstand, the sweetness not from sugar, but from the fish. The sauce draws out the juice of the meat like magnet. One thing also, only fresh fish can have this effect. Meat is soft, tender, juicy just like Lucy.

Thai laksa (LIMITED SERVING PER DAY, WHILE STOCKS LAST) ($6) – This is the best thing I had in my entire life. This puts Katong Laksa to 18 storey of hell. The broth is just so fragant and thick. 3 layers of distinctive taste everytime you sample the broth. 1st layer, taste the fish paste. Not those lai kou smelly kind but more towards the mild lingering type. Enough to have flavour but not too much to make it busuk. 2nd layer is the coconut milkly creamy taste. And last layer is the lemongrass fragrance pulsating at the background. Imagine all 3 taste happening together at the same time! Noodle is high level stuff. It is QQ and springy but soft like mee sua at the same time. This noodle simply defies Newton Law of Physics.

Tom Yum Omelette ($5)- If you ever want Furong Egg, Oyster Omelette and Tom Yum, this is the one. This dish really got the split personality disorder. One dish but taste like 3 different dishes. Crispy on outside, warm, moist and non-oily on the inside. Try this, you wont regret it.

Overally a very satisfying meal. Price is cheap too! No GST, No Service Charge, Nett! Will need to stay Jurong soon. Any lobang for rental?


Kin Kin Thai

Address: 2 Venture Drive #02-49, Vision Exchange S608526

Operating hr: 1130am to 830pm Mon to Sun. (3pm – 5pm close)


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